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  • » The Cleaning Width is large, and the appliance is    driven by a 220V AC Driven plate.
  • » Transmission is accompolished by a single brush type    direct gear box, making the cleaning very strong
  • » The pattern in which the balanced tank are arranged    at the uppper and lower sections enhances stablity in    operation.
  • » The frame of the appliance is short and small, making    operation convenient and flexible.

Floor Scrubber - XD3AC

Voltage 220V-240VAC
Frequency 50 Hz
Current 7A
Power 1750W
Floor Motor 750W
Brush Rotation Speed 168 RPM
Water Sucker Motor 1000 W
Cleaning Width 415 MM
Cleaning Rate 1830 m2/h
Water Sucker 755 MM
Clean Water Tank Capacity 31 Ltr
Dirty Water Tank Capacity 23 Ltr
Electro Magnetic Value 220V - 240V
Gross Weight 105 Kg
Net Weight 77 Kg
Cable 18 Mtr
Size 1090X785X675mm

Multi Functional Floor Cleaner - HT 154

Cleaning Mode Double Rotating brushes
Cleaning Width 700mm
Cleaning Efficiency 2450 m2/h
Dust Bin Capacity 45 ltr
Net Weight 18 Kg
Size 950X750X305mm
This machine is efficient & easy to operate, suitable for hotels, office building, exhibition halls & other public places
It cleans the carpets & floors as well as low speed polishing of various grounds
With a high cleaning efficiency, it can save much times for cleaning

Manual Sweeper Machine - HT 212

Power 1100W
Voltage 220V - 240V
Speed 154 rpm/m
Main Cable Length 12 m
Base Plate Diameter 17 "
Weight 48 Kg.
The sweeper design is fashionable made of polypropylene materials making it impact resistance & durable
It is equipped with a dust filter sweeping around the brush strips.
Overflowing dust can be stopped which will have no impact on the surrounding environment.
On both side of Front wheels, there are air filters, passing filter filtering the dust in the trash.