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Concrete Vibrator

Shaft Flexible Shaft of 4 to 6 meters
Needle Size 25 mm to 60 mm needles
Coupling Quick release
  • Balance high acceleration for rapid and reliable compaction.
  • Petrol/ Kerosene/Electric/ Diesel models available.

Earth Rammer

  • Compaction of Asphalt premix & Chippling carpet, sand gravel, slag chips, dry concrete .
  • Pot holes and patch repair, plinth filling inside building,compaction of small trenches, and side walls.

Builder Hoist

Net Lifting Capacity 400 kg (One Bag Concrete).
Bucket Capacity 200 Ltrs (02.2 Cu. Meter).
Max Height 80 feet(25 Meters) / 130 feet (35 Meters).
Speed 30 Meter/min (10% Variation).
Wire Rope 10/12mm diameter, Steel Wire Rope.
Column 65 X 65 X 6 mm MS Angles.
Power 10 HP/12.5 HP, 3 Phase Electric Motor or 10HP/12Hp, Diesel Engine, Air Cooled.
Chasis Heavy Duty Robust Steel Chassis.
Wheels 4 Nos. M. S. Wheels.

Bar Bending Machine

Max Dia of Bending Plain Carbon Steel 40mm
II-Grade Rebar Steel 32mm
Bending RPM 0-15 r/min
Motor Power 3Kw (4 HP)
Voltage 415-3P/ 50 Hz
Motor RPM 1440
Weight 232 Kg
Dimension 750 X 700 X 750mm

Bar Cutting Machine

Max Cutting Dia Plain Carbon Steel 40mm
II-Grade Rebar Steel 32mm
Cutting times/min 32
Motor Power 3Kw (4 HP)
Voltage 415-3P/ 50 Hz
Motor RPM 2880
Weight 394 Kg
Dimension 1170 X 420 X 640mm

Hollow Block Machine

It is a Stand type Hand operated Concrete Block /Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine Versatile to shift to any working site to cast Blocks /Bricks on wooden or steel ballet.Which is inserted from the front side. It has a top pressing ram operated by the toggle mechanism.Bottom plate is vibrated with efficient light weightecentric vibrator.With the mechanical advantage developed by the toggle with small manual force the knock of the vibrations are bolstered effectively to the blocks. By Pressing the operating Lever, the moulds leaves the blocks on the pallet. The blocks with the pallet is removed and kept for wet drying manually.
Power 2 H.P.,3 Phase motor,1440 R.P.M. or 5 H.P. air cooled Diesel Engine 1500 R.P.M.
Vibration 6000 Hz
Capacity 600 - 1200 Blocks / Shift ( 1 or 2 Blocks / Stripping )

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